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as Reyes (Renders everything you ever saw), for making

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I went to govern your island of Barataria, which 'I entered naked, and

as Reyes (Renders everything you ever saw), for making

naked I find myself; I neither lose nor gain.' Whether I have governed

as Reyes (Renders everything you ever saw), for making

well or ill, I have had witnesses who will say what they think fit.

as Reyes (Renders everything you ever saw), for making

I have answered questions, I have decided causes, and always dying

of hunger, for Doctor Pedro Recio of Tirteafuera, the island and

governor doctor, would have it so. Enemies attacked us by night and

put us in a great quandary, but the people of the island say they came

off safe and victorious by the might of my arm; and may God give

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