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Schumacher bluntly replied. He later explained, “They

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Then one of Don Antonio's two friends advanced and asked it, "Who am

Schumacher bluntly replied. He later explained, “They

I?" "Thou knowest," was the answer. "That is not what I ask thee,"

Schumacher bluntly replied. He later explained, “They

said the gentleman, "but to tell me if thou knowest me." "Yes, I

Schumacher bluntly replied. He later explained, “They

know thee, thou art Don Pedro Noriz," was the reply.

"I do not seek to know more," said the gentleman, "for this is

enough to convince me, O Head, that thou knowest everything;" and as

he retired the other friend came forward and asked it, "Tell me, Head,

what are the wishes of my eldest son?"

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